Regnal chronology is, specifically, the study of king lists, sequences of governance in the history of a state, and the organizing of such data. It has been extended to intrude upon political geography as well, giving a representation of political eras within certain geographic regions. Information culled from traditional and mythological eras - clearly labelled as such - has been included to provide a foundation and context for what particular cultures regard as their roots. This study, therefore, inhabits a frontier region located somewhere near the intersection of political science, history, archeology, and geography - with a sprinkling of heraldry, genealogy, numismatics, epigraphy, and religion mixed in.

The website has been re-instated in fond memory of its creator, Obsidian (Bruce R. Gordon) is provided by Charles Wardell on behalf of the WorldGenWeb Project since it had frequently referenced the original website.
The site is provided as on an "as is" basis and will not be updated.
It is based on an archive copy of the abandoned and deleted website "Regnal Chronologies" by Obsidian
(January 21, 1997 - January 22, 2015).
The source files have intentionally not been modified and include broken links and obsolete email addresses. The design, layout, user interface and navigation are hopelessly out of date.
Bruce R. Gordon considered himself "an amateur historian (or chronicler, really)". His compendium of information might lack precise citations, references and reliable sources and thus might be of doubtful value to academics, researchers and the scientific community. Nevertheless, the content represents an astonishing collection of information and contains many valuable pointers.

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