This is a miscellaneous file for anything which doesn't seem to fit elsewhere. For the moment, it contains the "What's New" log for Ecclesiarchs.

What's New? I add to this archive in one way or another quite frequently, but usually the additions are just minor adjustments in a particular place. Still, when I change the "This site last modified..." date at the bottom of the home page, readers have no notion as to whether I've merely changed a date or added a name, or added a whole new sector. Here, then, is a record of both major and minor changes I have made, minor changes being current only for the past few months.
A. RECENT MAJOR ADDITIONS: Daily changes listed below, in "B".
April 08, 2005, The first file to appear (within Regnal Chronologies) under the "Ecclesiarchs" header, the Suburbicarian Bishop-Cardinals.
April 18, 2005, The official opening of the site, with the publication of the Introduction, the Index, the index for Roman Catholicism, the Eastern Catholic page, a beginning effort toward the Italian Bishoprics, and the revision and differentiation of the old Regnal Chronologies Eastern Orthodox Page into the Ecclesiarchs Eastern Orthodox page and a Non-Chalcedonian page. Also, this Appendix file. Also began publicizing the Obsidian Globe discussion forum - this is a new service to the site, memberships are free and convey enhanced access to messaging, but you need not be a member to see posts or to post messages yourself. There should be a button on the control panel of each page in this site that links to the Globe, which is located on a different server. B. A LOG OF RECENT CHANGES AS RECORDED BY THE "LAST MODIFIED..." NOTE.